Ali Bensouda

  • Current company Omniup
  • Location Morocco
  • Selected For Omniup
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

Ali Bensouda cofounded Omniup, which develops new technologies for the digital advertising space. Omniup launched its flagship software, Omniup Ads, which monetizes free Wi-Fi in public spaces by pushing video advertisements to all connected devices.
Omniup is the first company of its kind in North Africa and already powers more than 1000 internet hubs across 12 Moroccan cities and southern Spain.

This software, which works with any router, is a powerful digital advertising tool and data mining tool for brands that can selectively target audiences for more effective marketing. The technology can also be used to drive Wi-Fi audiences to nearby stores using geolocation.

Omniup technology was awarded “Innovation of the Year” by Maroc Telecom in 2016, and it won the Moroccan Innovation Center’s “Tatwir” financing program in 2015.

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