Selected 2010

Alexandre Pi

  • Current company Muxi - Grupo APPI
  • Location Brazil

Alexandre Pi Farias, known as “Pi”, founded APPI in 1993 to provide software solutions that make it easy for acquirers to use point of sale (POS) devices for a variety of functions. Acquirers often lose out on new business because the costs of developing software updates for hundreds of different types of POS devices are too high. Solving this problem, APPI developed a software platform “POSWEB” that connects virtually any type of POS merchant device to an acquirer’s network and allows for easy updates.

Pi has always been motivated by using technology to solve real-world problems. While at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, he co-authored Brazil’s first book on a programming language. When he discovered that the technology that connected devices at his university was rudimentary, he abandoned his computer science degree to develop technology solutions as an entrepreneur. He founded APPI in 1993.

With POSWEB, POS merchant devices can execute more complex transactions on a common platform, which translates to new revenue streams for acquirers and issuers, and more options for consumers. POSWEB allows consumers to utilize POS devices to purchase prepaid mobile minutes, pay a credit card bill, or buy tickets.

Building off this success, Pi developed a customized software platform for the healthcare industry. Now, APPI is helping to change the way Brazilians pay for their doctor’s visits. In 2004, Pi launched GTSWEB, a platform that enables POS devices in doctor’s officers to transmit information about a patient’s health insurance plan.

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