Alex Parnas

  • Current company Urbano Design
  • Location Chile
  • Industry Retail

Though its products are designed to protect, Urbano Design is breaking the mold of the mobile accessories industry. In the early 2000s, Latin Americans looking to personalize their electronic devices were limited to a few bland color options. Victor Vargas and Alex Parnas transformed this market with Urbano by combining function and fast fashion, quickly replicating catwalk trends and popular graphic designs to add aesthetic appeal to the latest tech accessories.

Through its fully integrated supply chain, Urbano produces smartphone cases, laptop and tablet sleeves, headphones, and chargers that reach its 14 kiosks across Chile, Peru, and Argentina, as well as Latin America’s largest retail outlets, in as little as 20 days. As such, Urbano offers a turnaround rate roughly one third of the industry average. In addition to the company’s high-traffic mall kiosks, its brand shops in duty-free locations are seen by three million people monthly. Both of these distribution channels have experienced monthly sales growth of 25%.

Urbano recently launched its first U.S. affiliate office in Miami and was the first Latin American brand exhibitor at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the world’s largest technology fair.

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