Alessandro Arco Gardemann

  • Current company Geo Energetica
  • Location Brazil
  • Industry Infrastructure & Utilities

Geo Energetica is ready to close the energy circuit in the Brazilian agricultural ecosystem. The company transforms organic waste from Brazil’s sugarcane industry to produce electricity.
Co-founder Alessandro Gardemann was raised between Brazil and Germany. After graduating, he worked at an M&A firm. As Alessandro was kicking off his career in Brazil, his father, co-founder Alfons Gardemann, was nostalgic for his home country of Germany. As a young adult Alfons studied the biogas sector, and was fascinated by the biogas plants in rural areas in Germany that convert agricultural waste to gaseous fuel. He brainstormed with his son about how they could apply German biogas technology to diversify the renewable energy sector in Brazil.

Alfons and Alessandro enlisted a German biochemist to run tests on different types of organic matter to assess the viability of biogas in Brazil. The duo were interested in the sugarcane industry because of the vast availability of supply, and because the nutrient-rich properties of sugarcane are highly conducive to energy production.

Geo Energetica provides a clean, reliable source of energy year-round. To secure its supply of raw material, Geo Energetica partners with agribusinesses, particularly sugarcane producers, to co-invest in the production of the plant. Geo Energetica provides its partners with an economically viable and environmentally sustainable solution to transform waste into commodities.

As a “transformer,” Alessandro is turbocharging growth in Brazil’s energy industry by driving environmental change sustainably and profitably: a timely innovation in the midst of the country’s search for alternative energy solutions.

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