Albe Geldenhuys

  • Current company Ultimate Sports Nutrition (USN)
  • Location South Africa
  • Industry Healthcare

Ultimate Sports Nutrition (USN), is a South African company that develops and delivers scientifically-advanced, clinically-aligned and safe sports supplements at affordable prices. Through its suite of products, which includes protein powders, weight management solutions, multi-vitamins, and performance supplements, USN enables people from all walks of life — not just athletes and bodybuilders — to maintain a healthy lifestyle. All of USN’s products are manufactured with the highest possible global standards, and are rigorously tested by accredited laboratories globally. Operating in the US$7 billion global dietary supplements market — expected to reach US$13 billion in 2020 — USN is the leading player in South Africa and hopes to become the number one sports supplement company globally with additional presence in the US, South America, Europe and Australia.

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