Ahmet Hançer

  • Current company Enocta
  • Location Turkey
  • Industry Education

Seeing the opportunity to incorporate technology and bring the corporate training industry into the 21st century, childhood friends Ahmet Hançer and Burak Yücelyiğit teamed up to create an e-learning solution. Enocta’s Learning Management Solution provides users with a student-focused experience through its array of engaging interactive content to fit multiple learning styles.

After graduating from METU, Ahmet worked for İş Bankası, Turkey’s first public bank. Later, a passion for education led him to co-found the Turkish Learning and Development Association. Complementing Ahmet’s business acumen is Burak’s knack for technology. After graduating from METU, Burak began working as a software engineer for Halıcı Yazılım, a top Turkish software company.

Both Ahmet and Burak saw the potential applications of e-learning. When they examined the market, however, there were no Turkish companies that offered an online education solution. Combining Ahmet’s business acumen with Burak’s technical skills, the pair decided to capitalize on the opportunity by founding AB Yazılım in 1997.

Through its flexible online platform and vast catalogue of off-the-shelf training content, Enocta provides clients with a convenient one-stop-shop for corporate training solutions. Enocta develops content tailored to a client’s specific needs. Along with its suite of formal course products, Enocta offers informal learning content like games, videos, and podcasts, to increase individual user engagement on the platform. As an early mover in the Turkish e-learning space, Enocta has amassed an entrenched client base and established itself as the go-to solution for corporate e-learning.

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