Ahmed Ragab

  • Current company Baraka Group
  • Location Egypt
  • Industry Retail

Founded in 2008, Baraka Optics Group provides unique and quality eyewear products with premium service to meet the design and pricing needs of Egyptian middle to upper-class consumers. Growing out of an importer and distributor of foreign goods by the same name (Baraka, 1979), Baraka Group is a trusted and well-established brand with retail locations in metropolitan and resort locations throughout Egypt. Ahmed is at the helm of bringing game-changing initiatives to the family business to compete with the influx of malls and luxury goods into the Egyptian market.

The Baraka Group sells prescription and non-prescription sunglasses and eyewear from foreign brands, home brands, and licensed brands produced in collaboration with Egyptian designers. Despite setbacks experienced since the revolution, Ahmed has managed to stabilize revenue while increasing earnings. Since joining in 2003, he has overseen the company’s growth from five to thirty two retail outlets.

Through its C & Co. product line, Baraka Group became the first company to offer Egyptian-branded eyewear and target the underserved youth population with trendy, affordable products. The company also offers its services through an innovative pop-up retail application, C & Co. Express. Ahmed aims to leverage Baraka Group’s first-mover advantage by pushing its lines of higher-margin and Egyptian-branded eyewear through its home and licensed brands.

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