Ahmed Adawy

  • Current company Inertia Holding Group
  • Location Egypt
  • Industry Cleantech & Infrastructure

For middle-class homebuyers in a pinch, Inertia Holding Group (IHG) offers modern yet affordable housing options in upscale Egyptian neighborhoods. Despite half a decade of revolution and economic crisis, IHG has remained profitable by accomodating the cost-sensitive homebuyer, a growing segment in a country of 89 million people. Serving as the backbone of the Egyptian economy, real estate investments jumped in value from US$992 million in 2001 to US$3.9 billion by the end of 2012, reflecting an annual growth rate of 27.5%. Riding this upswell, Inertia has amassed a diversified pipeline of ten projects valued at over US$1 billion. IHG strives to achieve US$66 million in revenue by 2018 by developing a self-sustaining real estate investment fund and expanding into nearby Arab markets.

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