Adam McEwan

  • Current company Platinum Heritage
  • Location UAE
  • Industry Consumer Services

As one of Dubai’s leading tourism companies, Platinum Heritage is reinventing the industry by bringing it back to its roots. Most tourism companies offer the same low-quality, inauthentic experience consisting of dune bashing, Western food, and belly dancing shows. Showcasing Emirati and Bedouin culture and the local environment, Platinum Heritage offers its customers three different high-quality tours to experience Dubai: Platinum Experiences – its most luxurious tours –, Heritage Experiences – focused on local cuisine and culture – and hot air balloon rides – the only company in UAE offering this experience. By offering a truly authentic and premium experience in eight different languages, Platinum Heritage has differentiated itself from competitors, becoming TripAdvisor’s No.1 desert safari and securing its place in the $16.7B tourism industry in Dubai.

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