Adalberto Flores

  • Current company Kueski
  • Location Mexico
  • Industry Fintech

Accessing affordable capital is a longstanding problem in Mexico as 85% of the population does not qualify for a wide range of financial services such as loans and credit cards because of low or nonexistent credit scores. Kueski, an online micro-lending platform, applies big data and advanced analytics to approve micro-loans for Mexico’s financially underserved population within 10 minutes of customers placing their requests. Fast, transparent, and available 24/7, Kueski is the most convenient lending platform for those who need an immediate loan.

Through Kueski, founders Adalberto Flores and Leonardo De la Cerda successfully blend together their long standing passion for finance and technology. In 2007, Adalberto, and Engineering student at IRESM, won several awards for finance. Meanwhile, Leonardo studied Computer Science at IRESO, where he won several programming awards. The two met in 2012 at a video and analytics optimization company.

To address the problem of lack of access to credit in Mexico, Adal and Leo set out to create an online credit distribution platform. Using their knowledge of big data and analytics, they began to develop their own risk assessment tools and online platform. Kueski distributed its first loan in 2013.

The company’s platform provides Mexico’s youth with rapid access to short-term micro-loans in a transparent and convenient process. Kueski informs customers at the start exactly when and how much they must pay for their loans to ensure no hidden or extra costs.

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