Achmad Zaky

  • Current company Init 6 Fund
  • Location Indonesia
  • Industry Retail

Thanks to one website, over 500,000 Indonesians have been able to Bukalapak (“open a stall”). Rapid growth of second and third tier cities, over 60 million small businesses, and a rising number of online shoppers (10 million) have collectively given a boost to the ecommerce industry in Indonesia. However, Bukalapak stands out in this sea of online stores. An online C2C marketplace, Bukalapak allows individuals and small businesses to sell nationwide through a secure and trusted network. Sellers set their own competitive prices, which results in products being 20-30% cheaper than other websites. Apart from offering this clarity of price, Bukalapak ensures payment security by holding payments until the consumer has received and accepted the product, resulting in a default rate of less than 0.1%. Since its launch in 2010, the website sees more than two million visitors per day and handles transactions worth over US$1 million daily.

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