Abasi Ene-Obong

  • Current company 54gene
  • Location Nigeria
  • Selected For 54gene
  • Industry Healthcare

54gene is an African genomics research, services, and development company addressing the need to include under-represented African genomic data (currently around 3% of available genomics data) in research which could lead to medical breakthroughs and new healthcare solutions worldwide. Through research collaborations and commercial partnerships, 54gene enables the study of African genetics to learn the underlying genetic drivers of disease affecting everyone globally. Additionally, 54gene strives to understand the genetic impact on
disease penetrance and risk in Africans with a goal of developing better diagnostic and risk assessment tests to inform a more targeted approach to healthcare. Africans house the most genetically diverse DNA in comparison to all other world populations combined. In gathering insights from the African genome, 54gene seeks to enable medical breakthroughs and discoveries that will change the entire landscape of healthcare, globally.

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