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The Endeavor MBA Fellowship

What is the Endeavor MBA Fellowship?

The Endeavor MBA Fellowship matches top MBA students with Endeavor Entrepreneurs (EE) based on the student’s geographic, industry, and challenge area preferences to tackle a key strategic challenge the EE is facing. MBA Fellows work on-site (or virtually) with the entrepreneurs and their teams for 6-12 weeks over the summer (May-September).

Where can Fellows work?

Through the MBA Fellowship, Fellows can work hands-on with a founder in any of Endeavor’s 41 markets across Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and the U.S. MBA Fellows often cite the opportunity to travel, explore, and work in a new culture as the best thing about the Endeavor MBA Fellowship.

What industries can Fellows work in?

Endeavor’s selection process and support services are industry-agnostic, giving Fellows the opportunity to work in almost any sector you can imagine! To better service its portfolio of 1,200+ companies, Endeavor segments these companies into eight industry verticals: Agriculture, Education, ESS, Fintech, F&B, Healthcare, Retail & Consumer Tech, and Smart Cities.

Click below to find Endeavor Entrepreneurs in industries that interest you and get a preview into some of the sub-verticals our Entrepreneurs are building in.

What type of projects can Fellows work on?

Scale-up companies are constantly growing and evolving, which is why the MBA Fellowship matches EEs and potential Fellows based on a broad challenge area as opposed to a specific project description that might not be relevant by the time the Fellow is on-site. This also allows Fellows and EEs to collaborate on defining the project scope, timeline, deliverables, and outcomes. The most common projects fall into one of the six categories below, but Fellows and EEs can design their own based on the Fellow's skills, experience, and what they are looking to learn!


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