Selected 2014


  • Country Saudi Arabia
  • Lead Investor Leap Ventures
  • Industry Consumer (Digital Media)
  • Investment Data March 2016


UTurn is one of the leading online entertainment networks for the Arabic-speaking world. Led by Saudi Arabian brothers Kaswara Al-Khatib and Soraqa Al-Khatib, Uturn is based in Saudi Arabia and Dubai, and targets audiences across the MENA region. With more than 25 million followers and subscribers across different social media platforms, over 48 million monthly views (>50% of which are on mobile), and official partnerships with YouTube, Yahoo! and others, UTurn is well on its way to building the #1 New Media company in the MENA region.

Fun Fact

This marks Endeavor Catalyst’s 1st investment in Saudi Arabia, and first co-investment with Leap Ventures, which is led by an Endeavor Entrepreneur (Hervé Cuviliez from Lebanon) and an Endeavor UAE Board Member (Noor Sweid).

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