Selected 2014


  • Country Argentina
  • Lead Investors Tencent, Pitanga, Valor Capital
  • Industry Technology
  • Investment Date December 2014



Satellogic is a “platform-as-a-service” nano-satellite company out of Argentina. Emiliano Kargieman is the Endeavor Entrepreneur behind Satellogic, which aims to leverage a fleet of nano-satellites to produce commercial-grade, affordable Earth observation data for daily decision making. Founded in 2011, Satellogic has launched three satellites over the last year, and is currently working on the first iteration
of the platform: 15 satellites to service initial markets in Oil and Gas and Agriculture by 2015. The company has 30 employees, with R&D located in Argentina, Israel, and France.

Fun Facts

Emiliano is a well-known serial entrepreneur in Argentina and has been active in the Endeavor network as a mentor for over a decade. He became an Endeavor Entrepreneur in October 2014.

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