Selected 2012


  • Country Indonesia
  • Lead Investor Omidyar Network
  • Industry Consumer
  • Investment Date September 2014



Founded in 2009 by Aldi Haryopratomo, Ruma has quickly built a network of agents – or “Rekan Usahas” in Indonesian – who are equipped to buy and sell prepaid minutes for mobile phones in Indonesia’s underserved rural communities. Indonesia, with a population of 240 million, boasts mobile penetration of roughly 75%, but the country’s rural poor face higher per minute costs for mobile usage because of shortcomings in the distribution infrastructure. Setting out to address this problem, Ruma has built a distribution network of 4,000 active agents reaching over one and a half million end users. For Ruma, the sale of prepaid minutes was only the first step – most companies in Indonesia face a broader challenge in collecting payments and distributing information through traditional trade channels. Recognizing this growing opportunity, Ruma has turned its focus to high margin, value-added services that leverage the depth and efficiency of its existing agent network to connect companies with base of the pyramid consumers.

Fun Facts

  • Aldi was our 1st EE selected in Indonesia!

  • Ruma serves over 1.5 million customers through a network of over 10,000 micro-entrepreneurs!

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