Selected 2017


  • Local Office Brazil
  • Lead Investor Tiger Global
  • Industry Financial Services
  • Investment Date March 2018


ContaAzul is a cloud-based accounting solution for Brazilian small business owners. Headquartered in Joinville, in the south of Brazil, ContaAzul has been recognized as one of the leading enterprise software solutions in all of Latin America. With ContaAzul, small business owners can easily manage their day-to-day operations, including e-invoicing, inventory, bank reconciliation and payments, saving them time and money (up to 65%, on average). With more than 25,000+ customers already, ContaAzul is primed to do nothing less than transform they was small businesses operate in Brazil.

Other Info

Co-founder and CEO Vinicius Roveda was selected at ISP 71 in London in May 2017.

News related to ContaAzul


ContaAzul, Brazil’s leading provider of cloud accounting software, announced this April that it had raised US$30 million in


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