Selected 2012


  • Country Colombia
  • Lead Investor Tsing Capital (China)
  • Industry Connected Hardware
  • Investment Date December 2016



Bluesmart is a technology company that develops internet-connected travel products, including “the world’s first smart, connected luggage.” Bluesmart’s products feature location tracking, battery charging, remote locking, weight sensors, distance sensors and travel reports via the app. Forbes Magazine named their Bluesmart Carry-on Suitcase among the “Most Innovative Products of 2014” and FastCompany included it that same year in their “Best Travel Gear of the Year”. Supported by Endeavor as well as a slew of prominent angel investors, the Bluesmart team ran one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns of all-time – raising $2M+ in January 2015 – and went on to be accelerated by Y Combinator (YC W15).

Other info

Bluesmart is the 2nd company from Endeavor Entrepreneur Diego Saez-Gil, who previously built Wehostels, which was acquired by the online travel agency StudentUniverse in November 2013.

News related to Bluesmart


Endeavor Colombia Entrepreneur Diego Saez-Gil, founder of WeHostels, and former Endeavor Global staff member Brian Chen recently joined

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