Zennström Philanthropies

Founded by Niklas & Catherine Zennström in 2007, the organisation has two strategic programmes designed to support Human Rights & the Environment.

The environment programme focuses on addressing today’s most pressing environmental issues through a combination of engaged grant making and foundation-led initiatives.

Through a collaborative approach with our grantees and key stakeholders, we work to influence decision makers, change markets and encourage the diffusion of clean technologies in order to restore our natural environment. The Environment programme has three portfolios, Climate Change, Baltic Sea and Green Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs offer an often under-utilised resource in providing solutions to environmental problems. Clean tech entrepreneurs often face difficult and changing marketplaces, uncertain policy and regulation, as well as the common challenges that all entrepreneurs confront, and yet their work is critical to spurring on the innovation we need to move to a truly sustainable economy.

Zennström Philanthropies works to help develop a supportive ecosystem for clean tech entrepreneurs through a mixture of grant making, investment, policy advocacy and our Green Mentorship Award.

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