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Endeavor selects and supports a group of extraordinary emerging-market entrepreneurs who have the potential to transform industries, communities, and even countries. Endeavor screens thousands of entrepreneurs each year and selects those with exceptional, high-impact potential. Through a rigorous, multi-step selection process (12-18 months), candidates pass a series of local and regional interviews before presenting to panelists from our global business network at International Selection Panels held four to five times each year.

We select individuals of all ages, ethnicities and educational backgrounds, delivering a meritocratic message to the developing world: through hard work, creativity and values-driven leadership, individuals living anywhere, from any background, can turn an entrepreneurial idea into a world-class venture.


Pro-Active Research by Endeavor Staff

Recommendation from Endeavor Network

Self-nomination through Website

Initial interview

Endeavor Staff conducts a one-hour interview to assess viability as a candidate.

Second Opinion reviews

Senior-level VentureCorps conduct multiple interviews with each candidate probing the business strategy, innovation, growth potential, and entrepreneur’s personal qualities.

Local selection panel

10-15 VentureCorps and local Board Members interview candidates, deliberate, and select candidates for an international panel.

Final review

A Managing Director from another Endeavor office interviews candidates and a finance expert reviews company financials.

Endeavor Entrepreneur

International selection panel

International business leaders serve as panelists to interview candidates, deliberate and select a new class of Endeavor Entrepreneurs by unanimous vote.

Endeavor's selection criteria

Endeavor uses well-defined selection criteria throughout its multi-stage interview process.

  • Entrepreneurial Initiative

    Energy, passion, vision and persistence to develop businesses into successful companies.

  • Role Model Potential

    Strong personal presence, leadership qualities and “story” to inspire others in their industries, communities, countries and even globally. Committed to knowledge-sharing.

  • Values & Ethics

    Inspires instinctive trust. Unquestionable integrity and respect for the rule of law. Demonstrates commitment to giving back to the community.

  • Development Impact

    Exhibits high-growth potential and the capacity to add substantial economic and shareholder value. Exhibits strong potential to create a significant number of high-value jobs.

  • Business Innovation

    Demonstrates real innovation that has the potential to change the way an industry operates locally and/or internationally. Has the potential to change how people live.

  • Fit With Endeavor

    Interested in accepting advice and support from Endeavor as well as contributing to the Endeavor network and eventually giving back to the organization.

Endeavor's four profile types

In screening thousands of entrepreneur candidates, Endeavor has come to recognize that those with high-impact potential may enter the process at different stages of growth, represent different industries, and require varying services. In the Search & Selection process, Endeavor helps the panelists by providing the following classifications for candidates:

  • Diamonds in the Rough

    are raw, talented individuals who have great potential but who also face great challenges. Endeavor devotes significant resources for mentoring, evaluating business strategies and, if ready, for raising capital.

  • Local Stars

    have a developed brand and consumer base, but are at an inflection point in scaling their business. Endeavor provides the guidance and networks to grow the business nationally and regionally. Through two key programs, Endeavor matches the entrepreneur with MBA interns and corporate professionals on sabbatical to provide needed talent and strategic advice.

  • Fast Learners

    are running young businesses and have great visions for their company. They tend to lack the managerial skills to effectively scale and often lack focus. Endeavor plays a strong incubating role by linking them to mentors and advisory boards to help define their business model and put the right management team in place.

  • Surefire Successes

    run impressive businesses that are on the path to major growth. Endeavor helps accelerate their growth and promotes them as iconic role models to spur entrepreneurial activity nationally. In addition to links to mentors and advisors, these entrepreneurs benefit from Endeavor’s premium programs to help them raise capital and expand beyond country borders.

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