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Introducing Endeavor Catalyst

Catalyst Investment Model

Endeavor Catalyst is an innovative, passive investment pool that uses donated capital to co-invest in Endeavor Entrepreneur funding rounds in a neutral, rules-based process.

The main goal of this program is to harness the value creation of entrepreneurs to produce investment returns that support Endeavor Global’s operations and that are reinvested in future Endeavor Entrepreneurs’ venture rounds.


A notional Endeavor Catalyst would have exceeded US and EM VC/PE benchmarks.

Catalyst Investment Model
$10M Threshold
(1998 – 2010)
Cambridge US VC
1st Quartile
(1998 – 2010)
Cambridge US VC
2nd Quartile
(1998 – 2010)
Cambridge EM
VC/PE Avg.
(2000 – 2010)
NOTE: Endeavor historical returns. Cambridge Emerging Markets index is pooled end-to-end return; 15% LP return is gross IRR realized by general partners; MSCI Emerging Market Index is total return gross of dividend taxes.


The Compounding Effect

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The Compounding Effect
NOTE: Assumes base case return of 2.2x return on invested cash (historical return on invested cash in Endeavor Entrepreneurs’ venture rounds of $10M or more is 2.9x). Weighted-average length of a cycle is 5 years.


Why Catalyst?


  Endeavor Catalyst’s rules-based investment process further supports the market mechanisms by which venture investors identify and invest in the best opportunities. As such, your Catalyst donation helps to catalyze a culture of innovation and investment in the markets in which we operate.


  Your donation today launches a compounding effect by which your dollars perpetually generate proceeds to not only support additional entrepreneurs’ venture deals but also to ensure Endeavor’s ability to continue to offer outstanding support and services where developing entrepreneurial networks need it most.


  With access to best-in-class entrepreneurs in emerging markets, Endeavor has an opportunity — unique among non-profits — to “put its money where its mouth is” and to align its future with the success of the very entrepreneurs it supports. Compounding your donations will make Endeavor Global self-sustainable in the long term in a mission-driven way.


  Endeavor Catalyst follows the most attractive deals across the emerging markets broadly, making it a compelling venture industry benchmark for the most exciting global opportunities. Catalyst donors gain unique insight into the global venture landscape and its evolution through annual reporting and periodic meetings with fellow donors and Endeavor Entrepreneurs.


Endeavor Catalyst Donors

50 Million Target
Omidyar Network*
Philanthropic firm established by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar & his wife Pam Omidyar
Wences Casares*
Lemon.com (formerly Bling Nation, Inc), Founder & CEO; Endeavor Entrepreneur
Diego Piacentini*
Amazon.com, Senior Vice President – International
Andy Freire, Santiago Bilinkis & Pablo Simon
Co-Founders, Quasar Ventures LLC
Andy Freire & Santiago Bilinkis: Co-Founders, Officenet; Endeavor Entrepreneurs
Michael Ahearn*
Chairman, True North Venture Partners; Executive Chairman, First Solar
Edgar Bronfman, Jr.*
General Partner, Accretive LLC; Former Chairman, Warner Music Group
Michael Cline*
Managing Partner, Accretive LLC
Reid Hoffman*
Partner, Greylock; Co-Founder & Chairman, LinkedIn
Arif Naqvi*
Founder & Group CEO, Abraaj Capital
Pierre Omidyar*
Founder & Chairman, eBay
*founding donor
Note: Donations to Endeavor Catalyst are U.S. TAX DEDUCTIBLE.


Investments To Date

Globant AirTies (homepage, profile) provides wireless solutions for the residential and small business market in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region. Developing, producing and marketing network and wireless modems and accesso­ries, AirTies is the first company in the world to introduce its innovative MESH network­ing technology, superior for the unique wireless networking requirements of Europe and other emerging markets where most buildings are constructed out of concrete and steel.
Globant ComparaOnline (homepage, profile) enables consumers to find and compare insurance and financial products simply and quickly, while helping insurance companies and banks expand their distribution and lower customer acquisitions costs. The site offers users the ability to find and compare products, including auto insurance, travel insurance, consortium finance and credit cards.
Globant Globant (homepage, profile) is the Latin American leader in the creation of innovative software products that appeal to global audiences. It is comprised of more than 2,500 IT professionals, based in 15 delivery centers across Latin America and the U.S. and working for customers like Google, Electronic Arts, Coca Cola, JWT and LinkedIn.
Globant Lidyana (homepage, profile) is the leading online jewelry and accessories ecommerce company in Turkey. Recognized as “Turkey’s Hottest Start-up” by Wired UK September 2012 issue, celebrity endorsement and effective relationships with bloggers and other social media have supported the company high brand awareness with relatively low spend.
Globant Minha Vida (homepage, profile) is an online portal focused on providing broad access to health and wellness information to improve the Brazilian population’s quality of life. Minha Vida is the largest health and wellness portal in Brazil, with over 8 million unique visitors per month, 14 million registered users, 10 million visits per month and 50 million page views.
Globant Peak Games (homepage, profile) is bringing top quality Facebook and mobile games to emerging markets. The company has offices in offices in Turkey, Spain, Germany, Jordan and Saudi Arabia and is already among the top six gaming companies globally with 5.9 million Daily Active Users (DAU).
Globant Grupo Procesa (homepage, profile) was the first company to offer pouched tuna in Mexico, the world‘s second largest tuna market. Through its trademark brand, Marina Azul, Grupo Procesa sells traditional yellow-fin tuna in an innovative, 105-gram flexible pouch – with higher margins than its competitors.
Globant Restorando (homepage, profile) is the leading online restaurant reservation service in Latin America. Restorando boasts operations in 10 cities across four countries in South America, more than 2,000 partner restaurants, more than 2 million seated diners, and partnerships with major local players.
Globant Yemeksepeti (homepage, profile), an online food ordering and delivery portal, is one of Turkey’s most successful web businesses. It provides customers with online access to almost 5,000 restaurants across Turkey, and has expanded internationally with izrestorana.ru, Russia’s first online food delivery site, and foodonclick.com in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

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