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Paulo Alencastro Paulo Alencastro

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469% growth in revenue since engagement
“I saw an opportunity to facilitate efficient electronic document management for businesses of all kinds.”
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Diego Torres Martins

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São Paulo-based Acesso Digital has been providing Brazilian businesses with a comprehensive electronic document management solution since 2007. Acesso Digital saw a need for digitizing, scanning, and managing the great amounts of paper documents. The organization provides complete digitizing packages to its clients. Scanners, software, a website, electronic storage, installation, training and support are all included for a monthly fee.

Digitization of documents is just one part of the services that Acesso Digital offers. The company has also developed a secure system with digital certification, document encryption, and administrator modules that regulate user access. All these services come with unlimited support and training always free of extra charge.

Founders Diego and Paulo have been ambitious self-starters since their university days. While interning as a consultant for a document management firm during college, Diego told his bosses that he wished to run the company someday and sought advice on how he could prepare himself for such a role. At just 21 years of age and still a student, Diego was met with blank stares. Undiscouraged, he completed his Marketing degree from Anhembi Morumbi University in 2007 and contacted Paulo, whom he had met while working on a consulting project for Vivo, the largest mobile phone service provider in Brazil. Paulo received a bachelors in Business Administration from Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul in 2000 and an MBA in Information Management and Business Intelligence from Anhembi Morumbi University. He later worked for Telefónica, the Spanish telecommunications provider, and Vivo’s document management group.
Acesso Digital’s customers now make up 85% of Brazil’s economy and range from leading companies, such as Citibank or Peugot and BMW, to smaller more private businesses. Over 1 million users currently utilize Acesso Digital’s services and that number is growing rapidly. Given that the majority of the world’s intelligence continues to be stored on physical paper, the global opportunity for Acesso Digital’s offering is significant.

Acesso Digital has also attempted to revolutionize the way the employees are included and appreciated in their business, citing employee happiness as a top priority.

Founders Diego Torre Martins and Paul Alencastro have created a company whose quick installation, ongoing customer service and ease-of-use makes its all-inclusive and customizable product a solution that can be adopted by small, medium and large enterprises alike in the large Brazilian electronic content management market.

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