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“I saw an opportunity to be a leading provider of content and products (both online and offline) in the action sports world. ”
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GoodPeople has evolved from humble beginnings of friends in the streets of Buenos Aires and in the mountains of Colorado to a global platform that connects all aspects of the action sports community. It began as a way for friends to stay connected and share their passion, but is now positioned to change the way the next generation experiences action sports. By applying game theory to both offline contests and online activity, GoodPeople creates a virtual video game where the user is a star.

Founders Pablo Orlando and Daniel Jejcic were introduced while at the University of San Andres (Daniel as a bachelor’s candidate in Business Administration, and Pablo as a master’s candidate in Finance) and they immediately connected around their passion for action sports. They began building longboards in a garage as a hobby and gave them to their friends as gifts. Soon they were not able to keep up with the demand and had to start outsourcing the production. At this point, it also became clear that action sports scene was growing faster than the industry could handle and that all of the brands, contests, and sports had become fragmented. For this reason, GoodPeople was born with a mission to provide the community a single place to go for all of their action sports needs.

Pablo and Daniel have since grown GoodPeople to be the largest action sports community in Argentina. They chose to leverage the brand and community through a retail and wholesale model, opening 2 proprietary stores and 10 franchises, making them the largest action sports retail franchise in Argentina. They have partnered with with major industry players (ex: Quiksilver, Billabong) and have built relationships with international sponsors, such as: Red Bull, Pepsi and McDonalds. Frequently recognized, they won Naves 2011 and have appeared in numerous major publications including: Apertura and Clarin.

To target the larger, global opportunity, they developed goodpeople.com: a new platform that connects all aspects of the action sports community. By combining social media functionality with game theory, GoodPeople unites a fragmented industry and provides a single place for users to experience the action sports lifestyle with news, media, social interaction, and ecommerce.

Today, the team is working in San Francisco with American co-Founder Michael Elberts preparing for the global launch of goodpeople.com. The action sports industry continues to grow and is now a mainstream movement with internationally recognized athletes and multiple Olympic events, projected to be a $25 billion per year industry in 2015. With a community comprised of the young, passionate consumers that will lead the charge into the next generation of media and technology, the time is right for GoodPeople to introduce the next generation to the passion and excitement of the coolest sports on earth.

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