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Luciano Moreira Luciano Moreira
“I saw an opportunity to create innovative, minimally invasive endoprostheses for the treatment of aortic aneurysms.”
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Luciano Moreira launched Nano Endoluminal, Brazil’s leading endograph developer, in 1995. Luciano had an international education, studying across the United States and Europe. There he saw how the biotechnology sector was increasingly becoming an important and profitable industry. That exposure encouraged him to try to pioneer the industry in Brazil, a country with no tradition of developing biotech products. Despite being faced with numerous challenges, including aggressive multinational competition, absence of an established business environment, and minimal investments for biotech projects, he carried on with his vision.

The result of that hard work was Nano Endoluminal’s series of an innovative and minimally invasive prosthesis. When the company was first launched it focused on developing medical and dental equipment, but in 1998 Luciano decided to specialize on more delicate biotech devices. To do so he created a partnership with the Department of Vascular Surgery of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC). This led to the development of the Apolo Endovascular System (AES), an endoprosthesis used to treat aneurisms. The AES uses flexible and extendable stents to protect weakened blood vessels and gold radio-opaque markers so the device can be accurately observed and positioned by low X-rays during the procedure. The entire system can be inserted with a catheter through an artery in the pelvic region, avoiding invasive chest surgery, the first abdominal aortic prosthesis of its kind in Latin America.

Thanks to Luciano’s solid expertise in management, precision engineering, and innovative surgery techniques, Nano Endoluminal has become an important player in the Brazilian market. Following a rigorous accreditation process administered by the Ministry of Health, Nano Endoluminal has been awarded a patent for its innovative devices, with several more already in development. The company already offers a wide array of products with stents matching several different types of arteries. Luciano’s strategic refocusing on bioengineering endoprostheses and dedication of all resources to the development of products that use minimally-invasive surgical techniques has served his company well and provided a clear direction for future expansion. Nano Endoluminal is currently located at CELTA, a technology center in Santa Catarina, state in the South of Brazil.

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