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Javier Arredondo Javier Arredondo
“I saw an opportunity to create a world-class publishing house in Mexico.”
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Editorial Mapas is evolving to become Travesías Media, a media group that generates high-quality editorial content focused on luxury, travel, lifestyle and current events.

Our evolution is an outcome of growth in our product and services offering, as well as in response to feedback we’ve received from our most critical audiences. Further, the mention of media in the new name is no coincidence, as we also have years of experience developing successful websites, apps, video projects and digital content for a wide-ranging client roster. The ongoing reference to flagship brand Travesías connects us to our proven record as leaders in the travel sector.

Our star brands continue to be Travesías—specializing in travel and luxury—as well as Gatopardo, where Latin America’s most celebrated journalists and writers cover everything that matters on the current scene, and Guías dF, our annual round-up of Mexico City’s very best, now an eagerly awaited “yearbook” of urban life and culture. Atelier—whose goal is communication solutions, custom-designed for every client’s specific needs—is taking on new importance as a forum for content-generation, photo production, design and art direction, programming, web-content-generation, print media and point-of-sale distribution, with a special focus on luxury brands, travel services, destinations, businesses, the automotive sector, fashion and culture.

Travesías Media offers clients a full portfolio of services in Content Marketing; Custom Publishing; Creative Partnerships; Destination-Based Communications Consulting and Strategy; Brand Strategy; Digital Solutions; Print and On-Line Advertising; Events and Experiences; Reach and Distribution.

Endeavor and Travesías Media

At the helm of Travesías Media is entrepreneur Javier Arredondo, the group’s founder and president, who enjoys more than fifteen years’ experience in the media and tourism sectors and who has specialized in travel-related communications strategies since 2008. Additionally, Arredondo is an active yearly participant at numerous international travel forums and continues to be responsible for developing Travesías Media’s strategic partnerships.

Back when Javier was thirteen, he started his first business alongside his best friend, to earn money and travel to Europe. From that point forward he knew that travel would be both a lifestyle and a career. Years later he became Content Director at Viajo.com, a leading travel segment website.

At Viajo.com, Arredondo directed editorial teams in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and the US. Then, amid the dot-com bust of the late 90s, he put a new spin on his travel passion and experience, and together with Enrique Felgueres and Guillermo Osorno launched his renowned independent project: Travesías magazine.

In light of technological evolution—and evolution from audiences as well—2014 sees Arredondo moving forward yet again: rebranding Editorial Mapas as Travesías Media, as a way to more clearly communicate that the group’s focus is content generation that works across media as it asserts its unquestioned travel sector leadership.

In his role as entrepreneur, Arredondo enjoys support from new partners Antonio García, the group’s CEO, and Luz Arredondo, who will serve as Director of Communications and Creative Partnerships. All three will work directly with the Travesías team of more than sixty talented professionals.

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