Rafael Madke

  • Current company Grupo RPH
  • Country Brazil
  • Inudstries Healthcare

Grupo RPH has the power to bring Brazil’s medical imaging techniques to electric new heights. The company sells cold kits, which are connected to radioactive products that illuminate patients’ organs under scans, creating precise, dynamic images that aid in medical diagnosis and treatment. Until recently, the Brazilian government dominated the highly regulated, US$80 million nuclear medical market, leading to inefficient business practices and stagnant growth. Grupo RPH is the first private company in Brazil licensed to manufacture and sell cold kits, and has already signed on major clients such as Hospital Sírio Libanês, Albert Einstein Hospital, and Beneficiência Portuguesa.

Grupo RPH’s products are less expensive and its services are quicker than competitors’. The company has overcome limited local R&D infrastructure by developing international joint ventures, through which it brings innovative products into Brazil. These ventures provide access to cutting-edge research to complement the knowledgeable team’s industry leading customer service. This has garnered clients numbering among the most elite hospitals and diagnostic imaging centers in Brazil. Since its founding in 2002, the private company has wrested 20% of the Brazilian market share from the government-run competitor, IPEN.

Rafael plans to raise US$11 million to support its growth and continue educating the market. With plans to establish a consulting service, he will ensure more nuclear medical facilities are certified shoring up his current client base. His industry expertise has positioned him to establish Grupo RPH as the regional benchmark for nuclear medicine. Endeavor’s support in developing strong marketing and growth strategies will enable the entrepreneur to transform this nascent market.

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