Panos Paleologos

  • Current company HotelBrain
  • Country Greece
  • Inudstries Consumer

HotelBrain, a leading hotel management firm, provides management and pre-opening consulting services to luxury boutique hotels. The firm improves guest experience and increases revenue by an average of 20%, all while allowing owners to retain full control over their assets. The company’s main services include the supervision and selection of staff, marketing services, reservation and revenue management, and customer feedback analysis. Its pre-opening consulting service includes reviewing architectural plans, executing a marketing campaign, recruiting staff, and creating hotel resources.

To improve the status quo within the hospitality industry, HotelBrain has established an education center to train management staff for placement within top hotels in the hospitality industry. The company manages over 68 boutique hotels across Greece, Lebanon, and Turkey with plans to expand its portfolio to include the UAE, Croatia, and Romania. Panos also plans to scale his services in order to enter the large hotel management market in Greece.

HotelBrain isn’t just providing consulting services; the company is building an ecosystem, from managing hotels and consulting on new developments, to creating a community of hospitality insiders, and training the next generation of hotel management talent.

Panos has partnered with Endeavor at a key point in his company’s regional expansion. Through Endeavor’s extensive contacts in the MENA region, HotelBrain will be able to establish its reputation as a white-label brand outside of Greece.

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