Karim Ragab

  • Current company Tabibi 24/7
  • Location Egypt
  • Industry Healthcare

Tabibi 24/7 is the first healthcare company that provides 24-hour access to pediatric and family care in Cairo through two daytime clinics and around-the-clock home visits. With a focus on preventative care as well as treatment, Tabibi offers basic medical training courses and a daily health tip SMS service in addition to primary patient care. Egypt suffers from a healthcare landscape with little attention paid to preventative care and limited access to private physicians. Tabib fills a crucial gap in the Egyptian healthcare market with their reliable, well-staffed clinics and digitized medical records, which allow parents to build their children’s medical records.

Motivated by their own frustration with the pediatric offerings in Cairo, the founders strive to deliver an unprecedented quality and continuity of care. The company offers four services: Personal Medical Care, Corporate Medical Care, Tabibi Academy, and a health focused SMS subscription service. Their diverse and complementary experience has allowed the entrepreneurs to develop a sophisticated infrastructure of clinics, a call center, drivers, an IT system, and an operations staff. Tabibi 24/7’s doctors have seen upwards of 2,000 patients with over 50% using its services more than once. The clinics’ appointment-only policy both minimizes patient waiting time and prevents doctors from being overstrained.

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