Juan De Antonio

  • Current company Cabify
  • Country Spain
  • Industry Mobility & Supply Chain

Hailing a taxi the old way in Spain and Latin America is often inefficient and difficult. Across Latin America in particular, taxis are unreliable and unsafe while black cars are expensive. Meanwhile, drivers face fluctuating salaries, depending on an unpredictable stream of passengers. With Cabify, a mobile app that connects users with drivers, users can book a car in advance, know the journey’s price ahead of time, and enjoy a quality experience. Operating in Spain, Chile, Peru and Mexico, Cabify aims to push the pedal to the metal and expand rapidly in the region over the coming years.

News related to Juan De Antonio


The Madrid-based Cabify, founded by Juan De Antonio, secured a new round of funding led by Japanese ecommerce giant Rakuten and Seaya Ventures. With

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