Javier Sainz

  • Current company Prodalysa
  • Country Chile
  • Inudstries Consumer

Prodalysa’s groundbreaking technology extracts a 100% natural sugar alternative from stevia plants. Sugar’s link to obesity, heart disease, and diabetes has increased demand for a natural, non-caloric solution for consumers. While many stevia processors have come under fire for making false natural claims, Prodalysa has achieved international natural certification by avoiding the use of chemical agents. Prodalysa is the only industrial-scale purification process in the world that completely replaces chemical processing agents with water and natural fibers. Its earliest client and strategic partner, the US brand Sweetleaf, became the first stevia-derived sweetener to receive FDA approval as a food additive rather than a dietary supplement.

Founded in 2006, the company sells two core stevia products: a pure stevia extract that can be adapted for industrial use and a pre-mixed blend stevia extract for commercial products. Javier and John are in the process of developing a private label option in sachet, tablet, and bottle form. As it plans to market a consumer-ready sweetener under its private label, Prodalysa expects an annual growth rate of 60%+ and revenue of over US$16 million. The company has already captured 60% of Chile’s stevia market and has pioneered the extract’s usage in new industries, like dairy. In addition, the company has begun to pursue larger agro-industrial clients. It has passed the prototype approval stage for Stevia Pure with major international beverage players like Coca-Cola and Cott.

Javier and John have received Endeavor’s support in carving out space for themselves amongst major agro-industrial competitors. Endeavor’s industry experts have helped the pair to strategize in negotiations with multinational corporations, develop a branding strategy, and devise a patenting scheme for their water- and fiber-based extraction process. Javier and John remain committed to their community, where they have located their prime plant and initiated an internship program for aspiring chemical engineers.

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