Jaime Leonel de Paula Jr.

  • Current company Neoway
  • Country Brazil
  • Inudstries Technology

Neoway’s proprietary Market Intelligence Software (SIM) accesses and analyzes large, publicly available databases in Brazil. It equips businesses with the tools to generate sales leads by aggregating information on seven different market verticals in locations across Brazil. Neoway’s software can isolate information across a variety of key market factors with intuitive data visualization outputs. Neoway charges clients monthly to use its software, which is easily integrated with CRM and ERP systems like Salesforce and SAP. Currently, Neoway’s core client base spans the healthcare, construction, and oil and gas sectors.

Through its innovative use of big data, Neoway allows clients to target potential clients more efficiently and focus instead on their key strengths. With some clients seeing revenue increases of over 30%, the value added by the service is clear. Neoway’s competitive advantage lies in the sophistication of SIM, which resists easy replication by new market entrants.

Having already identified 900+ potential domestic clients in its top three industry verticals, Neoway has plans to expand its services to other industries. The company will staff the sales team with specialists in each individual market vertical to increase conversion rates of prospects into paying clients. Jaime also plans to introduce a self-service online platform to expand Neoway’s addressable market, increase accessibility and minimize costs.

Jaime has sought Endeavor’s support in refining his sales and marketing strategy to better focus on expanding Neoway’s client base. Endeavor’s mentors possess the industry know-how necessary to define which market segments Neoway should explore most extensively. With the help of an advisory board staffed by Endeavor mentors, Neoway can build a business strategy to scale quickly.

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