Hassan Hamdan

  • Current company OTS (Optimal Technology Solutions)
  • Country Saudi Arabia
  • Inudstries Technology

OTS offers digital communication solutions to help businesses communicate and form meaningful relationships with their customers through web and mobile channels. Its most popular service is a bulk SMS platform to send millions of messages in an instant, and it also offers digital and mobile advertising, social media management, web and mobile app development. This portfolio of offerings creates a one-stop shop for digital customer outreach, allowing brands to avoid the hassle and costs of working with multiple providers or developing proprietary technology.

OTS has expertise in effectively reaching consumer audiences throughout MENA, with offices in seven countries. It serves nearly 6,000 clients in 20 countries. The migration of consumers and companies to mobile channels has created a US$10.7 billion mobile messaging industry in the MENA region alone.

The company’s 3C methodology of Consult, Create, and Communicate has helped it to develop long-term, multi-channel relationships with major clients. OTS cultivates strong relationships with mobile operators through superior service and a track record of bringing in new business, helping to improve margins and payment terms for mobile services. OTS’ proprietary technology was built with scaling in mind and its automated platforms provide quick turnaround. In addition, its robust presence in the MENA region allows the company to provide insights into how the region’s consumers use technology.

The entrepreneurs have looked to Endeavor for guidance in crafting a strategic growth plan, hiring and retaining top talent, and building a formal board of directors. Endeavor’s broad network of mentors has provided the support and expertise necessary for OTS to expand to a regional leader. Ahmed and Hassan are the first tech entrepreneurs represented by the Endeavor Entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia office, and serve as role models to young tech-minded entrepreneurs across the country.

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