Eymard Arguello

  • Current company Agua Inmaculada
  • Country Mexico
  • Industry Consumer

Eymard Arguello Mancilla founded Agua Inmaculada in 2002 with the mission of developing new ways to bring clean, potable water to the base of the pyramid in Mexico. Today, over 50 million people lack access to clean water in Mexico, where most tap water is unsafe to drink. By selling water purification systems to small business owners, Agua Inmaculada seeks to offer a low-cost, high-quality alternative to bottled water and the market-leading systems offered by multinational CPG companies. The company empowers individuals to become small business owners and “do well by doing good.” Clients purchasing its equipment can sell clean bottled water in towns without affordable water options, all while generating 85% margins.

Agua Inmaculada offers both water purification systems and vending machines. It delivers and installs all equipment, trains the client, and provides continued maintenance and support. Over 5,000 small businesses have purchased Agua Inmaculada’s equipment, installing water purification systems that provide countless individuals access to clean water. The company has plans to expand to four additional countries in Latin America, increasing revenues and creating more than 14,000 indirect jobs.

With the goal of bringing clean water to all of Mexico and parts of Latin America, the company has developed a strategy focused on product innovation and increasing affordability. This involves ongoing R&D investment, as the company develops home purification systems in addition to its current offerings. Eymard is considering partnerships with banks or microfinance firms to offer alternative financing options to ensure target clients can afford its products.

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