Eren Merzeci

  • Current company Nisfud
  • Country Turkey
  • Inudstries Consumer

Eren founded Nisfud, Turkish for “niche foods,” in 2006. First established as the exclusive distributor for many popular American and European food products such as Pepperidge Farm cookies, Nisfud has since pivoted to develop a new market for frozen savory borek pie products. These are sold at retail chains under the brand name Nefista, a play on the Turkish word for delicious. In addition, Nisfud offers hotels, restaurants, and cafes a variety of frozen sweet and savory products. Shifting demographic trends in Turkey, including rising employment and an increasing number of single-person households, have created a market for frozen food products. Nisfud has a first-mover advantage in the sub-category of frozen pastries and expects growth fueled by the introduction of new products and the export of its products into neighboring markets.

Since introducing its Nefista pastries, monthly sales have grown from 500 to 15,000+ cases. Nisfud’s rapid growth has spurred competitors to introduce similar products in an attempt to gain market share. However, Nisfud’s exclusive partnership with its producers enables it to produce cheaper and higher-quality products than competitors, allowing it to maintain a 40% market share. Nisfud’s focus on “insight-selling,” by which it caters to emerging demands before potential competitors, has won it clients throughout Turkey.

Eren has received mentorship from Endeavor’s global network on how to improve operational efficiency and eventually capitalize on opportunities outside of Turkey. Nisfud also has the opportunity to leverage the know-how of Endeavor’s industry experts to streamline its operations and facilitate its ambitious growth plans.

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