Diego Meller

  • Current company Jampp
  • Country Argentina

Jampp, founded by Argentine entrepreneurs Diego Meller and Martin Añazco in 2013, is an advertising system with the goal of enabling advertisers to easily acquire mobile app users. Today, 86% of mobile users’ time is spent in applications. Thus, to be a successful mobile-driven business, companies need clients to use their apps. Jampp helps companies drive large volumes of high-quality mobile users to their apps in a simple and cost-effective way. The company manages everything from tracking to planning.

Diego and Añazco have been working together for over 15 years. They met while at the Universidad de San Andres, where they were studying Business Administration and Economics, respectively. In 1999 they co-founded Livra, an online market research platform. It was extremely successful and ended up becoming the leading online survey company in Argentina. In 2008, Ipsos acquired Livra, and the pair started a new venture, Atommica. By 2013, Atommica evolved into Jampp, focusing on helping clients promote their applications. With the help of several angel investors, including some associated with Endeavor, Jampp was off to a good start.

Jampp is an innovative system. It charges companies by results, rather than a flat fee, and offers three products. These include: Mobile Application Installations, Programmatic Buying, and Mobile Application Re-engagement. In 2013 The Next Web recognized Jampp as the Top Mobile Startup of the Year. Martin and Diego are on their way to playing a major role in the global mobile industry.

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