Selected 2013

Daphne Loukas

  • Current company Out There Media
  • Country Greece
  • Inudstries Consumer

Out There Media (OTM) offers advertisers and mobile operators the technology and know-how to execute efficient and highly targeted advertising campaigns on mobile phones. Kerstin and Daphne decided to enter the mobile advertising business when they realized the untapped potential for advertisers to reach their target audiences via the mobile medium. OTM’s mobile advertising development and sales unit offers brands convenient and specialized end-to-end solutions for generating ads best suited to target audiences. Their state-of-the-art proprietary Mobucks platform connects operators, publishers, brands and agencies to distribute targeted ads across mobile channels to end-users.

Kerstin and Daphne have created a dynamic advertising strategy by integrating with mobile operators. This enables OTM to adjust campaigns using customer behavior and subscriber data acquired through opt-ins in exchange for personalized offers and deals. For this reason, OTM’s response rates regularly exceed the industry average, with some campaigns exceeding 50% response rates with over 20% conversion rates. OTM boasts partnership agreements with 40+ network operators across the globe and has run over 1,000 campaigns for more than 100 local and global brands.

OTM has garnered international attention for the demonstrated market-effectiveness of its products. This, in addition to its impressive client portfolio and the founders’ industry experience, has helped it continue to secure investments and build new partnerships.

Endeavor has worked with Kerstin and Daphne on improving their global strategy through properly investing the funds they’ve raised through connections with the Endeavor Investor Network. Through Endeavor, they have also gained access to sales and expansion experts who can help grow OTM’s global footprint in the crowded mobile advertising space. Endeavor is particularly well-suited to aid OTM in penetrating the fastest growing regions for mobile advertising in Latin America and Southeast Asia.

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