Carlos Anaya Rodriguez

  • Current company Parkimovil
  • Country Mexico
  • Inudstries Technology

Parkimovil is rejuvenating the parking market in Mexico by providing a virtual parking registration system distributed through mobile phones and authorized retailers. Parkimovil enables municipalities to avoid the installation and operational costs of parking meter infrastructure while simultaneously collecting data to improve public safety and urban planning. With Mexico ranking top on the “commuter pain” index, Parkimovil removes commuter frustration associated with locating and paying for a parking spot. After spending a year on product development, Carlos secured his first contract with the local government of Zacatlán, a town which won the title of ‘2012 Most Magical Town’ in Mexico in the same year.

Parkimovil is the first completely virtual parking service in Mexico. It allows all mobile phone owners, regardless of phone type, to use mobile minutes to pay for a parking spot. Customers may also pay with a credit card through the Parkimovil smartphone app, which identifies open spots with an integrated Google Maps feature. Municipalities profit from previously uncollected transportation data and reducing meter installation costs of US$400 per space to only US$8 for parking signs and marketing collateral.

In its first year of operating, Parkimovil processed approximately 400,000 transactions across 228 spaces. With pilots in Mexico City, Queretaro, Oaxaca, and other major cities in Latin America, Carlos has a solid plan for growth. Moreover, the federal government’s mandate that “Pueblos Mágicos” cannot install parking meters leaves Parkimovil the only option, opening up more than 83 cities into which it has an exclusive opportunity to expand.

Parkimovil is multiplying its impact as it scales by providing local governments with critical mobility data to benefit public security and urban planning. Endeavor’s local and global networks have enabled Carlos to institutionalize the business and enhance its service offering. Carlos looks forward to becoming an important mentor in Mexico’s nascent mobile technology community. He has looked to Endeavor for support in overcoming new entrants and alternative solutions while navigating the bureaucratic hurdles of his public sector clients.

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