Barry Kayton

  • Current company Cognician
  • Location South Africa
  • Industry Education

Specializing in people development software, Cognician offers an interactive solution to large companies that seek an effective, scalable method for disseminating training and educational materials to employees. Cognician’s proprietary cloud-based software helps users at these firms explore a particular topic through a question-and-answer process. The global market for self-paced e-learning products exceeds US$32 billion. Cognician’s chat-based medium offers interactive, customized content that enables companies to scale their expertise to more people at a lower cost.

Since its launch in 2010, Cognician has developed products for 25 clients across seven industries boasting 8,000+ users. It develops companies’ intellectual property into learning modules, called cogs, that span topics from leadership to mathematics. Clients pay for custom cogs and are charged a per-use SaaS fee for ongoing use of the platform.

Developing tailor-made solutions is both time and resource intensive, so Cognician has begun to pursue a partnership strategy whereby it leverages the IP of its partners to co-create cogs for a large network of clients. Expanding its number of partners has allowed the company to reduce costs and increase its potential market to 70 countries. The entrepreneurs are now focused on growing and diversifying Cognicians’ partners in addition to cross-selling products through a SaaS model.

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