Amr Madani

  • Current company TalentS
  • Country Saudi Arabia
  • Inudstries Prof. Services

TalentS is working to improve the quality of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education throughout Saudi Arabia. Saudi 12th graders recently ranked 37th out of 42 nations in the Trends in Math and Science Survey and just 3% of Saudi students perform to international math standards. To reverse the trend of poorly trained teachers who lack exposure to recent educational developments, Amr and Saeed founded TalentS in 2007. TalentS has developed creative, hands-on, and engaging methods for teaching STEM at robotics competitions and science fairs.

The entrepreneurs are now applying their expertise to additional STEM-related learning opportunities, including managing STEM museums, designing exhibits, organizing corporate social responsibility events, and training teachers and students. The company has received the backing of large corporations, public foundations, and private schools. Amr and Saeed have developed their in-house techniques in conjunction with premier global educational institutions.

The absence of any private management model for science centers and museums in Saudi Arabia makes TalentS well-positioned to seek contracts for STEM-related projects. The company earned a contract for US$20 million from King Abdullah City for Atomic & Renewable Energy to design the nation’s first sustainable energy science center, called Mishkat. Additionally, TalentS recently won a US$1 million contract to run STEM outreach programs for Saudi Aramco targeting 1,000 teachers and 2,000 students. As a culmination of their evolution of services, the entrepreneurs now seek funding for their own TalentS STEM-focused school for K-12.

Endeavor sees the true definition of “high-impact” in TalentS model, which provides a foundation for the next generation of Saudi entrepreneurs by equipping the next generation of Saudi youth with valuable technical skills. Amr and Saeed seek mentors within Endeavor’s network to help them refine key strategic decisions as they plan their roadmap for fast growth and regional expansion. Endeavor has mentored the entrepreneurs on its sales and marketing strategy to pursue more proactive client acquisition.

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