Alejandro Robbio

  • Current company Belatrix
  • Country Argentina
  • Inudstries Technology

Belatrix provides software innovation and quality assurance services to firms across multiple industries in North America and Europe. Customers engage Belatrix to co-innovate with them, ideate, design, and develop custom software products and to ensure that existing software products perform as expected. Belatrix hopes to lead the trend as IT outsourcing moves away from India: the company has operations in Argentina, Peru, and the US. In fact, 99% of its revenues come from the U.S., England, Canada and Germany. It was among the first companies in Latin America to develop software for iOS and has grown at twice the rate of the industry, attracting notable clients such as Adobe, Disney, and Sirius XM Radio.

Belatrix is at the vanguard of Latin American developers. It provides clients with high-quality product development services and speeds up their time to market. Belatrix capitalizes on its strategic location which allows it to share at least half of a working day with clients, thus increasing time to market by 30% to 50% over competitors in India and China. Through its unique design-thinking, innovation-based approach, Belatrix is positioned to capitalize on the growth of the software development outsourcing market.

Central to Belatrix’s success is its heavy investment in its team of over 200 highly skilled employees with many officially certified by the Scrum Alliance. It has a significantly lower employee attrition rate than the average among competitors in Argentina and India. This has resulted in a culture based on the values of excellence, empowerment, and collaboration.

The Robbios have looked to Endeavor for guidance in hiring a new CEO through internal and external searches. Endeavor’s network has aided Belatrix in attracting strategic partnerships. In turn, Endeavor has benefited from the Robbios’ tried and tested know-how for creating a globally successful business in Argentina.

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