Selected 2010

Ahmed Hindawi

  • Current company Hindawi
  • Country Egypt
  • Industry Consumer

Dr. Ahmed Hindawi, Egyptian physics PhD turned publishing mogul founded Hindawi Publishing Corporation in 1997 and has subsequently developed a portfolio of scholarly journals, testing various commercialization techniques along the way. Since 2005 he has transitioned all of his journals to Open Access publishers.

Ahmed was first introduced to academic publishing during his day at the University of Pennsylvania. While completing a PhD in High-Energy Physics, he learned about the industry’s supply side. He began to think he could have a bigger impact as an entrepreneur than as a physicist.

To pay the bills, Ahmed worked as a Professor at his undergraduate alma mater. He also used a small team of developers to do outsourced work for international publishers transitioning to digital applications. He began to build up Hindawi’s reputation by creating new titles and hiring respected editors.

Open Access gave Ahmed an opportunity to turn his business around. In 2003, the industry was primed for change and a light bulb went off in Ahmed’s mind. He switched all of Hindawi’s journals to Open Access and was able to develop the team and proprietary technology to review, edit, and publish more articles more efficiently.

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